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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Crystal: episode 2

I’m so pleased with this series so far…. Even though it’s only 2 episodes in.
One thing I must say is I forgot how annoying and whiny Usagi is, like seriously….
I completely forgot how how Usagi meets the other Sailor Scouts, so it’s like watching whole new anime. I can’t wait to see how she meets the rest and how Artimus (the white cat) comes in.
And can Usagi not know Tuxedo Mask is the guy she keeps bumping into…. He’s wearing the same suit and the same pendant on his collar….. Seriously.
But I must say the animation is SOOOO pretty!!!! I loved the water effect when Ami was transforming.

I can’t wait for episode 3. Does anybody know the schedule for the show so I know when it might be uploaded?

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